Friday Finishes 2

Welcome back, and if you are here for the first time, Hello! I hope you find the party fun and entertaining. I will try to make it more comfortable around here, maybe a cozy cushion to rest on. Or a nice hot/cold beverage of your choice. And with our current and future temps around here, hot would be the preferred choice. Brrrrr.

Which brings me to my Friday Fo this week. Warm and cozy hats are on the needles more often than not right now. And this week was no different. I give you a Poor Rudolph my Sister-IL requested for her Son-IL. I made a Rudolph for his son, my Great-Nephew-Hank last year. Seems GNH has been wearing it already this year since the cold has hit early. Well, Dad decided it was a pretty neat hat, and being a hunter, he needed a Reindeer hat also. So Sister-IL wanted to give him one fore Christmas. With a few omissions I give you Justin Dear.

imageLike Father

Hanksters rudy
ike Son
The colors are not as different as the lighting makes them appear

The omission of bobble noses and a pom-pom were determined appropriate for a 30 something of the male species. The noses on the hat are just cross-stitched on. We decided that would fly better than the bobbles. But I fully expect Justing to inquire as to where his deer’s noses are on Christmas Eve. So I might just take yarn and make them while we eat and drink!

Now, join the party and leave us a link to your Friday Finish, and please join along and use a past FO if you have no current one. Maybe something you made for Christmas last year, or something you made this year to bring warmth and comfort to combat the cold! We love to see All The FOs, just like we want to knit All The Things!!!!

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