Mid November Reckoning

So far November has been productive. Hats, hats, and more hats!

So, the totals:
Yardage Knit – 580  yards 3 skeins, but….
Yardage Bought – 1622 yards 8 skeins
For a total of 1042 yards/5 skeins added. Still going the wrong way. But, again, the yardage added was knit up immediately, or will be knit up ASAP. In other words, these weren’t idle stash additions, they mean business! LOL Plus, the 8 skeins only cost $20.00, so there is that. It’s mostly synthetics used for kids stuff that needs to be easy care. Yarns I would not normally buy to put in my stash.

November Goals, what’s been knocked out?

  • More hats, a Shwook, a reindeer, half a llama, and a hood
  • Mom’s Shawl!!!!
  • Boot Cuffs, a commission project
  • Commission Shawl

Not on the list but finished regardless, 2 Christmas Elf baby hats. So cute!!


OK, back to knitting!


One thought on “Mid November Reckoning

  1. Looks like you are making great progress. My ongoing large projects are still going. I’ve got two shawls on the needles right now, one a test knit the other just because. The just because one is almost done and the test knit is getting there. I have so much more I want to do. Hope you get yours done!

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