What a fun day

Our Sunday was spent in St Louis in a posh suite at the Emerson (stadium/dome/arena?). We were priviliged to watch the Rams/Broncos game from the Peabody Coal box there. Very thankful for their generosity. Having no skin in the game I was happy to cheer for the Rams, who seem to be slaying the giants, not the Giants, of the NFL this season. They have taken down some big teams so far. But you would be excused if you thought you were in the Broncos Mile High Stadium due to all the orange in the stands. But I was dressed in navy and gold to show my support for St Louis, and because I am sooooo not a Manning fan, unlike the rest of my family.


This is a cobbling of Ishbel and Swallowtail into my Ishtail. And to make it even more cobbled, I ran out of the gold yarn, so finished with a bind off of some Koigu I had left over from my Swallowtail! Which was a doozy itself as I ran out of the original skeins and the 3rd skein I ordered to finish with was a wayyyyyy lighter shade than the others. So that had to be ripped back a bit so I could alternate the two skeins to finish it off.

As much fun as we had there, it was a shock to come out to snow! This shows the difference in the weather for our day*.

image image

8:00am to 4:00pm

My travel/game knitting was another Christmas Elf hat, this time in worsted, NOT DK, Impeccable (icky acrylic) yarn. They sure go fast when you use worsted!!! I am making matching ones for my G-Niece and G-Nephew. And making the tails on these much longer than I did on the other ones.


So that was my Sunday, how was yours?

*Actually, the worst change in weather I have ever seen was at a Colts game back in the 80’s. We went in under fairly mild temps and came out to a blizzard!!! We had light jackets on and tennis shoes. The snow was so deep it came up to our ankles. That was a long trip back to the car. This time we walked less than a block to the parking garage! It pays to have friends in high places.


One thought on “What a fun day

  1. We’ve got snow here too – started Sunday morning and it’s still going. Usually it’s just flurries this time of year, but no real accumulation. I think it’s going to be a snowy winter

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