Stitchalong Wednesday

Sorry to be boring, but it’s still hats and more hats around here! And this is a repeat of a past performance. Or maybe I should say fourpeat since I have already made 3. And then 2 more after this will be churned out, I hope in time for the little ones to wear them for Christmas!


 The first two were done with some leftover Comfort DK and were for small babies. The current versions are using Impeccable which is worsted, and the ickiest acrylic I have ever worked with next to Red Heart! How I wish I had just gotten some Ella Rae Superwash! Oh well, I will forge on since each skein has over 200 yards and I hate to waste yarn.

On Friday you will see the first 2 “Christmas Elf” hats revealed when I host Friday Finishes. Each week I hope we see a few more participants. And remember, you don’t have to have a current FO, share a FO from the past, present, or future. OK, so that’s a bit far fetched, FO from the future? As if.

Joining Gracey today for WIP Wednesday. Hope you’ll play along too.

6 thoughts on “Stitchalong Wednesday

  1. I love seeing all of your Christmas hats on IG. In fact, it has inspired me to dig through the stash and start a Family Reindeer Hat Project. Matching hats for moi, the hubby & the little guy. So excited!
    Love the striped elf hats you are working on…maybe next year.
    Also, so excited to have a place to share FO’s again on a regular basis. It will give me some motivation to blog more regularly (hopefully!).

  2. You are on an elf hat roll. Pretty cool, except for the lame yarn. I hate when we run up against that. I know how you feel about not wanting to waste it, but really. If you start going completely bonkers, Do an Elsa, and “let it go”. You should enjoy yourself eh?

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