Friday Finishes 3

Is it already time again? Wow, these days are moving much too fast! I only have 4 Christmas presents bought and still too many to count left to buy. But then it’s the same every year. I wait until the week or so before Christmas and then knock out the remainder of my list. I always think I am going to buy throughout the year, but I never do. Just not in my mind to buy that far ahead. Or knit for Christmas either. But I always end up doing a few gifts at the last moment!

But these are not Christmas gifts, even though they are Christmas themed. Elf Hats! Or Grinch ones, depending your outlook.


This was cast on just because. I had the yarn leftover from last Christmas, so I tried another Santa Elf hat style. This one is Not Only Christmas Hat, a free pattern. The yarn is Comfort DK in 2 colors of red, with white and green added in. Kind of makes a Grinchy color scheme. Knowing my love for Chartreuse you would think I adore Grinch, but I hate the cartoon. Maybe I was forced to watch it too much because my sister adored it? This one is baby sized, the XS.

Elf 2

This is another Not Only Christmas Hat in the XXS size. It was a request from my neighbor after she saw the first one. It was made for a newborn. I used the same small pom-pom maker for both, but used a smaller ribbing for the XXS size.

Wish I could say these are getting me prepped for Christmas, but with our busy schedules this time of year, I am more Bah Humbug! Diva Girl ends up cheering 2-3 times a week, Hubster’s work woes increase as cold takes it’s toll on energy demands and old equipment (he’s a power plant engineer manager), my knitting mojo comes back full force as the cold weather returns (even though I never stop knitting in the summer) and I end up taking on projects I have no hope of finishing in time, and school/church/family take up more of my time. I try not to be such a humbug, but I really wish obligations would not take my eye off of the important things of the season. Maybe I just need to try and control my focus better.

Now, if you want to join in on Friday Finishes, just leave a link to your blog here. I don’t even care if the item you finished was loading the dishwasher or folding the laundry! OK, so maybe some knitting content is required. If you don’t have a recent one, show us a favorite finish, or a failed finish. Just give us something to go read and explore that takes us away from the to-do list for a little while. LOL



Click the frog!

Grrr. The link isn’t showing up on my computer, but if you click on the blue box it will take you to a link page. Now I am finding out all the reasons I shouldn’t have gone with WordPress for the blog. Found out this week WordPress does not support Mr Linky. I have to give kudos to both entities for helping me figure this out and getting the right link party widget for my blog. But that said, WordPress doesn’t allow script to be coded on their blog format, so looks like I will be forced to pay to have a premium blog or just come up with another way to do this. Or maybe just forget it all together.

10 thoughts on “Friday Finishes 3


    I do love those elf hats! I think a friend’s newborn absolutely needs one of those for Christmas.
    I know what you mean about obligations taking the joy out of the Christmas season. At this time of year, there just seems to be one more party to bring a plate for, one more gift to traipse around the shops looking for, one more everything! I tend to relax on Boxing Day!

  2. Super cute hats! I would actually like to knit some in black & orange for Halloween. I always wait till the last minute to buy gifts and it does get hectic & stressful. Every year I tell myself to prepare ahead of time, but no luck yet.

  3. Oh I love the Grinch…the silly looking Whos in Whoville, and when the Grinch’s heart grows! Love the hats 🙂

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