Saturday Inspiration


This week’s Inspiration Saturday comes from Snapdragon

 She started this back in 2013, but a fellow blogger has decided to jump on the challenge, so I thought, why not. Having just rearranged my craft room, I need to get back to loving my library. So I plan to start on Dec 1st, declaring my project for the first month. Maybe this will strike some inspiration in my knitting and cause me to love those patterns again.

And along with using the patterns already in my stash, I vow to use the YARN in my stash! Since it was all likely bought to go WITH the patterns anyway. Maybe I will try to determine which one is the oldest? To do that I will have to start with the oldest yarn in my stash. And that’s just not going to be easy. OK, maybe I will just grab the first book on the shelf/in the basket/in the other basket/in the closet/etc. LOL. This may be more of a challenge than I thought. How about going to Ravelry, no, not to buy a new pattern!!, and looking up the books I know are in my library and reacquaint myself with the patterns within the covers? Yup, most doable. Cause I can do that from my couch!

So, do you have some long forgotten patterns that need some love? Come along, join in the fun. Or frenzy, who knows. I figure I can win at this better than KALs, since I don’t always want to knit that particular pattern. This gives me a way to choose my own project, yet still be working a plan. OK, let’s be honest, I probably won’t make it past 2 months! But here’s to trying.

Remember, visit Gracey each Wednesday for Stitchalong Wednesday and come back here each Friday for Friday Finishes!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Inspiration

  1. Oh to use what we have in stash….goodness, that a truly novel idea! I so hope to be able to do this….but I won’t lie….the odds are kind of stacked against me…you see, I have an issue with yarn…patterns, books….magazines….I always try to be strong…but I always fall off the wagon! (head held down in shame). 🙂 I cheer you all on…what an amazing journey you are about to take. Looking forward to seeing what you make first. Wishing you a most lovely day…and I don’t catch up with you before Thursday…Hope you and your family have a most blessed Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. I am tempted to join in! Although I might have to limit my time on ravelry in order to not be tempted by shiny new patterns. Maybe I’ll wait and see how you make out with this challenge first 😉

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