Weekly Wraps

Not the food variety, the fiber variety. OK, the animal fiber, not the plant fiber, variety. OK, now that that is out of the way, just what am I talking about?

I have an armoire full of knit items. Stacked on three shelves they are. And I find I often grab the same old wraps each time I need to dress up an outfit. So many of my once favorite wraps are being ignored. Packed at the back of the shelf, shoved to the bottom of the stack. Lonely and unloved. This cannot stand! So I resolved to rotate my knits. Pull them out of the darkness and let them soak in the light.

Towards this end I am going to try and document, in photos, the weekly wraps I have freed from their prison. I will try to post on Sunday or Monday, or not. It’s just an inkling of an idea at the moment. And the first photo was taken right before I disrobed for the night. LOL. I had only been in the outfit for 14 hours, you would think I could have remembered to photograph the proof.

So, this week’s wraps are:
Worn Sunday the 16th to the St Louis Rams/Denver Broncos Game in St Louis.

I had nothing Rams worthy so I wore my gold “Ishtail“, aka Swallowtail and Ishbel, over a navy top. The motif from Ishbel with the lace border of Swallowtail. It needs a serious blocking!

imageWorn Tuesday the 18th to our daughter’s high school sporting event.

This one didn’t turn out as planned. This was the cowl before blocking. Wished it had not grown so much. Oh well, it’s so soft and with a range of colors I can wear it with a lot. I just fold the edges in when out in the blusteriness of winter.

Worn Wednesday the 19th to knitting and lunch with my knit buds.

The Anatolian Rose Garden kit was purchased at a Stitches South event from Elegant Ewe. I dithered about buying it, and then which colorway, until the last day when I just bite the bullet and bought a kit! I then let it languish for too long. But finally it was time and once finished I have worn this tons. Now I need to replenish some tops to match the colors.

Worn Thursday the 20th to run an errand and at home to ward off the chill.

This is Autumn Blush, renamed Winter Ice. I purchased the yarn for this while on vacation in Maine in June of 2013. Love the soft Malabrigo Arroyo yarn!! Must make something else with this soon.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wraps

  1. Wow! I like how you actually did do it, and wore those neglected knits. I love the colors in the cowl and can see how easily you can wear it with many things, but honestly all your knit gear is very nice and wearable to boot!

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