I know this just isn’t happening in our city, but it just seems to be prevalent right now. I mean, really, is it that hard to just do what all the signs say? Can these people not read!!! Just where do they think they are going to go if they don’t follow the signs?

What am I talking about? Construction!!! ROAD construction!

We have been living through it on two major highways we take to get anywhere going south, which is where the city is located from our neighborhood. So, all trips to anywhere will result in driving through roadwork. And it’s usually broken up into 2-3 places along these roads, so not just one long stretch. In traveling these roads the last few days I have been amazed at the amount of people who for some reason have no IDEA there is a lane closing 100 ft in front of them. Considering they seem to make no attempt at even moving into the open lane until the ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE!!! Seriously? You didn’t see the 3 signs telling you that lane would end in 150ft, 100ft, 50ft????

At one section of the road there is a lane that exits right, and there is clearly a sign saying RIGHT LANE MUST EXIT. And 20 feet later the left lane of this road is closed due to construction, so there are numerous signs saying LEFT LANE ENDS MERGE RIGHT for only like the last mile. Yesterday as I drove this road to church 2 cars decided they didn’t want to exit right and wanted in the same lane that 3 cars were already in, WHILE 3 idiots in the left lane, you know the one that ALL. THE. SIGNS. HAD. BEEN. SAYING. WOULD. BE. CLOSED., decided they didn’t need to move to the right until the very same moment the other 3 cars were trying to  deal with the two merging right lane idiots. GAH!

And then the idiots who don’t think a red light means stop when they approach an intersection. They clearly are behind my car as we approach a yellow light and I have more than enough time and distance to stop, yet they blow past me through the light, which at this point turned red even before they got to the intersection. Irritates me to no end. I saw one guy blow through the light after the other traffic got the green light. Only by the grace of God was an accident averted.

I know they teach proper driving in the local driving schools, having just had two teens go through it. But what happens to these idiots when they get behind a wheel? Is it inattention? Disregard? Ignorance? What? Considering the weight and velocity behind these moving missiles, I just wish people would be more cautious and conscientious.

OK, rant off, now back to knitting. 3rd of 5 elf hats and I am REALLY done with this yarn. Grrr. It’s wearing on my index finger and just makes my shoulders tense. Can’t wait to get back to my wool and vow to never again buy acrylic just because it’s a good price and the right color!


4 thoughts on “Rant

  1. I have been told to just buy cheaper yarn to make a little more off what I make.. uuuumm.. NO!!! no no no no and NO!
    Call me a yarn snob.. call me selfish.. but I just don’t want to spend hours.. to days.. working with a yarn I don’t want to hold between my fingers let alone rub against my cheek. BLAH! and I totally agree on the construction part.. oh look.. what’s this sign mean? there’s no one in front of me.. I wonder why… DUH!!! hahahahaha great rant!

  2. LOL, get out of my head. You sound like me when I’m clucking along the freeway. I think people know, I think they think it’s okay if they do what they want to do, it’s just them, it doesn’t count etc…

    I don’t even have to be the driver to get irritated with the cutovers. It’s one thing if you’re just merging at the end where the lane begins to die, it’s another when you are entirely in the wrong place, stopped to get over and disrupt multiple lanes of traffic. (we have this issue with fast track on the bridge). Also, people that block the intersection when it’s obvious the traffic is backed up, because they “might” make it … as a pedestrian I give them the mean face. ha! so petty, sorry. But seriously is it really worth it to hurry up and wait like that?

    I’m not going to tell you to give up acrylic entirely, I’ve found a few that make me happy. But I’m with you, crappy yarn on obligatory knits is just about as bad as it gets. I’m cheering you on until the end and you can break your bad yarn chains and knit happier!

  3. I commute along one of the busiest sections of highway in Ontario, and I see those lane runners all the time. And this isn’t even in construction – this is the merge lanes that have been there and haven’t changed for 15 years. And I think it’s only getting worse….

    After that – I think you deserve a nice yarn splurge – go get yourself some squishy merino!

  4. There are some nice acrylics, I promise 🙂 I like cotton/acrylic blends, too. On a related note ….did you see any road construction workers ? OK you said it was Sunday …but drive by on a weekday and see 😉

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