Saturday In”spur”ation

Joining with Woolen again this week.

In”spur”ation? Yes, spur. I need a “spur” to “spur” me on to finishing the items I have promised this season. I don’t need any more inspiration to tempt me to want to knit things not on the list. I need the push to stay the course and make the 7th and 8th versions of the Not Only Christmas Hat that is the current reknit pattern in my life. At least the 8th version will be the smallest one of the them all for our new great-nephew. He’s just 2 months, so teeny-tiny.

Today we are at a wrestling match to watch Diva Girl’s Beau. We are 3 hours from home. So that means I have ample opportunity to finish the 7th hat, which I started last night, and just maybe start the 8th hat. Or maybe start a cowl with the Jasper yarn I got at a very good price. It has a mixture of olive greens and grays. Thinking it will make a great Lace Cowl, scroll down a bit for link. I figure I needed to have an option for the possibility that another NOCH might put me over the edge!!!!! So yeah, I am going to start knitting 4 Lace Cowl pieces over the next month, because who doesn’t want to endlessly repeat patterns for the rest of the year?

Wish us safe travel and quick wrestling pins!!!


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