Weekly Wraps

What wraps did I wear this week?

winter ice
Worn Sunday the 26th

So, I kind of cheated. I said I wasn’t going to duplicate the wearing of my wraps. I would pick from the unused ones each time. Well, that didn’t work out on S unday. After wearing a completely different outfit most of the day, and getting wet numerous times from church to errands, rain deluge most all day, I finally put on a new top to head back out in the rain to pick up Diva Girl from her first day at American Eagle. And it was just too easy to grab the Winter Ice. I’ll try to do better.


Worn Monday the 24th to run errands.

This is one of the only items I owe that was made for me!!! It was gifted by a knitting friend several years ago. I don’t even know what pattern it is. It has such a large range of colors that I can wear it with several things. It’s a smaller piece, so I just use it for accent color around my neck. And yes, same top from last night. Since I had only had it on a few hours last night I justified wearing it again today. But not tomorrow. Don’t you just love trying to get a not-stupid-expression on your face when doing selfies?


Cat got your tongue?

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