November Recap and Love Your Library

First the recap:
So, the totals:
Yardage Knit – 1318 yards 6 skeins
Yardage Bought – 1622 yards 8 skeins
For a total of 305 more yards and 2 more skein bought than knit up! Will I ever reverse those totals? Well, let’s see what the YTD totals say.

Totals for the year so far:
12194 yards and 59 skeins knit up!
1637 yards and 10 skeins destashed!
11599 yards and 56 skeins bought up. Ugh

I have knit up 595 yards and 13 skeins more than I have bought this year. Not a very good average there. But there is still hope in two other areas.

Purchases for November:
Spent only $19.69 to bring my yearly total to $501.09. Thats $200.00 less I have spent on yarn this year as compared to last year. Woot! And I have finished 63 items so far this year, as compared to 51 last year, and I still have a month to go! But the rate of FOs will diminish now that almost all the hat making is over. Just a few left to do and then it’s on to cowls and shawls.

Now for the photo proof of the FOs.
Fotor Photo Collage

My next topic:

For December’s Love Your Library Challenge I am choosing the book, Handknit Holidays. So tempted to make another pair of Keefely Mittens, but 3 are enough for now. So I am planning to make the Candy Cane Hat using some Ella Rae Classic Superwash in a burgundy and oatmeal. I don’t have any white or red to use in a superwash, so I thought it best to use what I have. This will be donated to a local hospital for a newborn.

I made quite a few of these ages ago and they are really a great intro to colorwork. An even pattern that is easy to get into a rhythm with and produces a cute hat. I might make some navy and oatmeal ones too. Just to have more than one to deliver.

Wait, what am I saying?!! Nooooo!! I will not create another repetitious series of a hat pattern. NOT. GOING. TO. DO. IT. Well, I probably will, but shouldn’t. It’s just that they make great game knitting while I am watching the girl cheer. I can put it down to run and get video of their stunts, and not worry about what I was doing when I pick it back up.

Now, to ponder during December what will be my January challenge.


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