Ten On Tuesday

Knit1Spin2 has a great list prompt for today, 10 Favorite Places to Shop. I can get down with that.

  1. Kohls. I have Kohls Reward points burning a hole in my pocket. Plus I have to return an online item. That right there is a big reason. Shop online, return to store!!
  2. Target. We have a joke that I cannot go in there without spending $80.00. For a while every time I went it cost me $80-$90, like clockwork. Just like we don’t think you can eat breakfast for a family of four in San Fran without it being $60.00*
  3. Payless. Some of my favorite shoes came from there, don’t judge.
  4. WEBS!!!! Not an in person experience for me, but would love it if they were.
  5. Sheepskeins. My LYS where we knit each week.
  6. Atkinson Farm Yarns. A not so LYS, but close enough to make a trip now and then.
  7. Dollar General. A cheap store where you can find all kinds of bargains.
  8. Marshalls. OK, I see a pattern here, I am all about the cheap!
  9. Home Goods, when I can get to Indy.
  10. Turoni’s Pizza. Well, I do like to “shop” there! I shop for pizza, stromboli’s, cheesy bread….

*Our first morning in San Fran we ate at a local cafe, adorable place. The bill was $60.00. So the next day Hubster said, “no more $60.00 breakfasts”. So we went to Denny’s. You guessed it, $60.00.



4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Ok, you are cracking me about the cheap thing! Hey, that is awesome you have a knit shop in Newburgh. The last time I was in your area the only one I knew about was the one on Vogel (which I hate going into because they always have this snobby attitude (at least the thin blonde woman does, so arrogant..and they never have anything new, just the same old boring stuff). If I ever make it to your area again, I will look up your LYS!

  2. I am with you on the Target problem. I have gotten better the past year or so. (Partly as a cheat because I will send my husband with a list, and he does not seem to stray from the mission as much as I do, ha!) I just had to chuck a favorite pair of shoes from Payless. It’s been hit or miss for me, but when it’s a hit, it’s a HIT! and I wear them into the ground. hehe. I miss WEBS …

  3. We have a running joke in my family that if I were ever to go MIA, don’t call the police call Target. I now have to limit myself to once every two weeks. I used to shop at WEBS quite a bit before my unofficial mission to knit from the stash. (Now I shop at knitpicks 😋 )

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