Friday Finishes Five

Back for another week of finishes. I hope you will share a finish, even if it’s from the past. It’s all good, whether current or former.

For me, it’s still hats!! But I am working on cowls for the next few weeks, so expect something different closer to Christmas. For now, I give you, elf, elf, more elf, and even more elf!!! Plus, another elf!

These are actually ALL different hats, same pattern, just different sizes. And I have one more to make. Ugh! Next year, the greats are getting different patterns. No duplicates.

connorGreat Nephew C

allieFriend’s Grand-daughter A

imageGreat Nephew H

imageGreat Niece C

Great Niece G, a fat dumpling!

The last hat will be for Great Nephew E, and as the newest, he’s the smallest, so I am hoping this 8th hat, there were 2 previous to all these, will be quick! But that doesn’t  mean I have cast it on yet. I actually had to do something with a soft, 100% wool content to rid myself of the acrylic squeak!!!! So I cast Olive, and have done extra increases to account for my fluffy frame. LOL.


Drab, drab, drab! Why did I ever think this color was pretty? Oh well, it may grow on me, like moss!

Click on the frog!


9 thoughts on “Friday Finishes Five

    1. OMG, you are right!!! We see the Cabbage Patch resemblance, and she even got a hat made to look like the CP hair, too cute. But the Where’s Waldo I hadn’t even considered. LOL

  1. You are so funny! I love your elves! It’s lame they were such a pain on the hands but oh look at that “dumpling”! Totally worth it, they look pro-fesh-on-al! Really well done! Get that soft wool work in you deserve it! You are rolling along!

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