Weekly Wraps

I actually wore more wraps than I documented last week, I just ran out of steam at some point. Sleep and me are not in sync right now.


Monday was the first opportunity to wear a wrap, and since the temps dropped extremely I was happy to grab one. I wore a Flower Basket Shawl which is the first project I knit with a lace pattern. I used a great find in cheap wool from a fiber fest for the 1st shawl. It’s olive green, a favorite color. For the 2nd one I made a shop sample using some Araucania Yarn. And man is it warm!! Just perfect for a grocery shop run on a coooollllddd day.


Tuesday saw a quick run to Target* to pick up my new iPhone 6!!!!! And since it was chilly, a light wrap was just the thing. I commissioned the yarn for this Citron from an indie dyer. It was perfect! Exactly what I envisioned. Love it!


Wednesday was time for Caldonia made with koigu, love this stuff!, that I bought in San Fran, home of the $60.00 breakfast. The top portion is a mix of orange and red violet and the bottom is a semi solid red violet. I must have had pink on the brain because I stopped in Kohl’s** on my way to knit and ended up ordering this!!! I just love the “faux-wool” designation. Like who would even question if it was or wasn’t wool?

*wish I had only spent $80.00!! But no way would that be the cost for two iPhone 6’s.

**did you know that sometimes the price online is different, read better, than the price in store? I didn’t, until today. The coat in store was $150.00 on sale for $90.00. I had a coupon for online 20% off today, so I thought, check stock online and order it if they have it. When I saw the online price was $59.99 I did a happy dance. But, they will not honor online pricing in the store. So, I ordered it online and saved 20% off to boot!


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