Taking care of my girl

I am taking a quick trip up to see my College Girl tomorrow to take her a home cooked meal during her finals week. She has invited some friends to join us. They requested Lasagna, green beans, and garlic bread. And CG was happy to know her momma was also bringing “crack cookies (two links). I also am taking choco chips, but they kind of were a miss. While adding the flour mixture I got a little heavy with the beater and a cloud of flour exploded out of the mixer. I thought it wasn’t that much loss, but now I think maybe it was too much. Because they are thin and fragile. I guess as long as they taste the same, who cares.


Knitting has been better since I cast on a different pattern with my Jasper. the Honey Cowl is cast off and has been blocked and is drying. I was hoping for a larger loop than I got, but if I widen it it thins out the depth of the cowl. So I will see how it handles when dry. It is a little bit larger than another cowl I have, so I know it can work, just wanted it to be looser. I stopped knitting at 2 skeins and used just a sliver of the 3rd to finish the bind off. Should have just gone on with most of the 3rd. But now maybe I can crank out a small Honey Cowl with the 3rd skein?

Now to get a lasagna put together, crack up the cookies, bacon up the green beans, and head out.


2 thoughts on “Taking care of my girl

  1. I love that you are bringing a supportive “finals” meal. That’s love. I also love that they made a special request. Makes you feel like someone out there appreciates your quality cooking and baking, huh? So sweet. Thanks for the Sugar Cookie recipe, it was exactly what I’m looking for 🙂

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