Stitch Along Wednesday


I just finished a cowl, so I was at a loss for what to cast on next. I have yarn wound for another cowl, but just didn’t want to cast it on late at night. So I pulled out some yarn I had gathered for a preemie hat for charity. Should be a quick knit and then on to Christmas Cowls.


The BBall game last night was a real tense one. No team seemed to get more than 3-4 points ahead until late in the 4th quarter when we were up 10. Then they closed it to 3 points. We finally pulled it out with a 6 point spread, but only after some very nerve racking moments! We have 2 more games and then a wrestling match this week. But Diva Girl has to work Friday night, so we may skip that game. And the wrestling match is out of town, so one of us will likely stay home with dogs. Since Hubster was “8th grade City Champ” in wrestling I know he gets more out of the matches than I do. I can sit and knit at home or in a gym, so it’s no biggie.

Now on your way to see what others are working on.


4 thoughts on “Stitch Along Wednesday

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