Friday Finishes Six

Just doesn’t have that alliteration as Four and Five did. Oh well, it’s the little things that amuse me apparently.

Today’s finish is of the charity kind. Hats to donate to others. The first hat was made for my Love Your Library Challenge. The pattern is Candy Cane Hat from Handknit Holidays, a book I love! And I was able to find just enough red and cream to make it look like a candy cane.


It’s just too adorable! I had it in my knitting basket when we headed to the game. I had taken a hat last year to a game and found a kid’s head it would fit. This time I told God, if there is someone you want to receive this hat, reveal them at the game. And for most of the game I saw no baby of an appropriate age. And then I saw them.

Once the game was over I approached them, thankfully it was a teacher at our school and she was surrounded by teachers who knew me, otherwise she might have been alarmed at my presence. I tossed her the hat and it fit perfectly! She tried to offer me something for the hat, but I told her no way. And then the other teachers requested hats with bear ears! Too funny. One of the same teachers told me Tuesday night that the little one’s big brother wanted to know where his hat was. So I am thinking he will get one before too long. I have a pattern I want to modify to make a wolf motif hat.

The other hat is a preemie/newborn size I will take to one of the area hospitals. I am hoping I can get my Wednesday knitting friends to all make a hat to donate. This is using my fav, Ella Rae Superwash Classic. LOVE. THIS. STUFF! I just used up leftovers and plugged the colors in where I thought I would have enough. Mixed up the st pattern a bit to create visual interest since my colors were for the most part neutral. It’s just shy of sock monkey colors.


And just for fun, 13 of 27 bows with bear paws for the JV and Varsity Cheerleaders. Diva Girl is on Varsity and they seriously needed new bows. With the recent foray into bow making under my belt I offered my services. So glad I am almost done. I made brown and gold bows a few weeks ago so they would have 2 options to match their 4 different uniforms.


This was after a heavy dose of hair spray. The hair spray helps to keep them stiff and in shape.

OK, what are your finishes this week? Knit, ribbon, fabric? Share them all no matter the medium.


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