Inspiration Saturday


I wish I could say I am being inspired by all things knit and wooly.  But right now I am just trying to stay ahead of the knitting. I have 3 more cowls I want to make, then I need to start on shawls, but maybe throw in a hat in between, and also mittens are the on slate for a special someone. And hopefully get most of it done by January so I can just be knitting for me!

Maybe that’s the inspiration I need to find. Be inspired to get back to the shawl and sweater I already have on the needles for myself. I will say the recent has a shawl that is inspiring me, so maybe there is some inspiration to my Saturday.

Wavedeck is just gorgeous. I love the symmetry and detail of it. I have a few DK yarns that could work for this. But will not allow myself to be sidetracked into casting on a new project. I will not! Do you hear me? Good, because one of us needs to be the adult here and if you see me grabbing needles and yarn you are allowed to put me in time out! Now to spend my day relaxing with my dogs while the rest of the family heads to Louisville to watch the Beau-In-law wrestle. College Girl got home last night, so all the family is under the same roof. She says she missed us, but I think it was the dogs she missed! Wait, maybe She should stay home with the dogs?

How are you being inspired today?


One thought on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. Oh I love that shawl, too. So which I could help with the not casting on anything new thing…but I am lusting over it myself…if I had the right yarn here in my stash, I would have already cast on…we really are two peas in the same pod aren’t we! 🙂 Blessings always sweet friend.

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