Weekly Wraps


Worn on Monday up to Indy for College Girl’s special dinner. And then ripped out the bind off and added the 3rd skein to make it bigger. And a hair cut in between made my hair smaller. The new version was worn to a basketball game on Thursday, and to run errands on Saturday. It might be my new favorite, just the right amount of warmth when I need it.

The color is truer in the top photo.

Wednesday is knitting day and I always try to wear something I have made. I got my “Christmas” present (pink one) on Tuesday and I was allowed to go ahead and have it to wear. Thank you Hubster. Of course I ordered it myself, so he had nothing to do with it. It ended up a very pink day for my attire. From glasses to coat to top to shawl.


The shawl is one that creates a textured pattern. You can barely detect it in the shot I took in San Fran. Yarn is Ultra Alpaca Fine and Mini Mochi. So cozy and warm!

I can’t believe I only wore 2 wraps this week. OK, I wore 3, only 2 of them were the same piece, just different sizes. LOL. Here’s to doing a better job next week. I actually did wear other types of wraps, they were just scarves, not hand knit items. To wear some of the ones that are deep in the armoire I need to change up my tops. Seems I grab the same tops to wear. I need to shake it up, step out of the norm, go out on a limb! Or just rotate my closet better. So here’s to doing a better job of that this next week.

And here’s to clear lungs and throat today as I take part in our church’s cantata. I got asked to do 2 solo parts just 11 days before the cantata. Eek! I had not been looking at that part since it wasn’t on my radar. So crash course in learning the words and tune happened and I think I am ready. Prayers that I am at this moment singing my heart out. And that it sounds like it’s supposed to. LOL


7 thoughts on “Weekly Wraps

  1. Sending prayers, but I know you’ll do great! 🙂 I agree, that third skein made it just perfect. What pattern is that by the way? Love all the pretty things you always make. They always look just perfect on you! Blessings always sweet friend.

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