Friday Finishes 7

Time again to showcase the wonderful finishes out there in knit blog land. Hope you will join us. But it’s likely that most knitters can’t post their Dec finishes due to them being Christmas Gifts? I have some for gift giving, but none of those people read my blog, so I’m good.

This week it’s all about the cowls. Most are gifts, and one is for me. I love them all! Cowls might just be my new favorite!


Honey Cowl in Berroco Jasper


YO pattern of my own in Cascade Casablanca (Poppy)


Bandana in Thaki Juno


Arm Knitting in Lion Brand Landscape

One more Cowl is on the needles and it’s a duplicate of sorts, Honey Cowl with Cascablanca in Neutral tones. I love the Cascablanca colors, don’t like the scratchiness of it so much. And boy does it SHED!!! All kinds of veggie matter and hairs. I dunked the first one in a bath of hair conditioner to try and soften it up a bit. Not a great success unfortunately.

Now it’s time to share your work. Join us through the frog!



7 thoughts on “Friday Finishes 7

  1. Cowls are so satisfying! Theyre usually fairly quick knits, but they really perk up an outfit! Can’t wait till my Nennir is done!

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