Christmas Giving

When I ventured on to Ravelry today I noticed a message. Kismet had gifted me with a pattern!! Lin-Lin is in my queue and I have been dithering over whether to buy it. I had decided to not buy new patterns as I have a wealth of ones to choose from. How delightful to have one gifted to me!! So I decided to forward the giving.

My giftee is in my friends, but I do not know them, nor remember why I friended them. Middle Age does that to you. Memory loss is a darn shame. When I went to their favorites I was overwhelmed with the breadth of it! How to choose? I got to the second page and noticed a rainbow shawl. So striking, so pretty.  Clicked the gift icon and completely the transaction.

I just checked Rav and she had sent a message. She already has the yarn for this pattern! Whew! I was just glad she didn’t already have the pattern as I forgot to check her library. Seems God knew just what she needed and guided my hand. How fun!!! Kismet knew just which pattern I was waffling over, and I made the right call for KnittingDiva.

What a Merry Christmas this is!!!

ETA: And now KnittingDiva has gifted me with a pattern. Brickless has joined my library. Wow, what a great Knitting Christmas. $75.00 to spend at my LYS and two new patterns. Hmm, just maybe I will be buying yarn to use with the new patterns? I think so.


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