Saturday Inspiration

What’s inspiring me today? Not much and yet everything. Right now I seem to see all kinds of knits out in the retail world. And you would think I could find the corresponding style in the knit world. But sometimes it just doesn’t reveal itself. So what’s a girl to do? Reverse engineer it. But then I have all kinds of patterns already in the pipeline. And I feel guilty about not using those. So I search what I have, and then what I don’t, and yet can’t get what I want out of my head.

And then I think of all the time I should be spending on other endeavors instead of trying to create something that’s available for purchase. Or things I could pick from the options I have. It just builds to an oppressive weight. Stop! Take a deep breath. Knitting shouldn’t be a race, an obligation, or a stress inducer. It should just flow from my love of the craft and what I feel like doing at the time.

I think one of the reasons this has bubbled up is the feeling I experienced this week after finishing some obligatory knitting. We were heading to my SIL’s for Christmas Eve and I had NOTHING on the needles to work on while we enjoyed each other’s company. Luckily I had placed some Ella Rae Superwash in my basket to give me a possible project. 4-5 colors and my iPhone 6 to search Rav would surely give me direction. And it ultimately did, but the level of panic I went through was just stupid. So I don’t have a project. Can I not just sit and be? Actually, not so much anymore. There is such a need to have needles in hand that I feel such a loss when a knit piece ends. I know I’m not alone, but I really had not felt this to such an extent before.

Friday night we went to our local hockey team’s game. And I put the knitting in there. And I got to the point of working some decreases. And then I decided, just put the knitting down! Enjoy the family and the game, oh, and bang the cow bell! And I did. And then went we got home, I finished the top, added a pom and called it done, but not because I had to, just because I wanted to. Considering it wasn’t made with anyone in mind, it had no deadline, and no immediacy, I just needed to let it be something I wanted to do, and not something I had to do. And now I have even more I want to do, and I need to decide how much stress I am going to allow myself to feel next year in my knitting. I need to learn the right way to approach the goals and desires. I need to just let it flow.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Inspiration

  1. This year, after really hating Christmas last time out because of deadline crafting, I decided to impose a no crafting Christmas ban. I have loved crafting this Winter so much. I’ve decided over the next year I’m going to craft things I want to and let my family know if they spot something I’m making or have made and they like it to let me know and I’ll put it in the gift basket (provided I can bare to part from it of course). Then come Christmas if no one likes anything, they will get a bought present and if they do like things they will a knit they specified, or one very like it, from the basket. I won’t deadline knit, I will knit what I want and people will get what they like. I think this could be the way forward.

    1. I have seen that, but fear a yearly plan is too big for me. I did set monthly goals this past year, but can’t say I was successful at it. LOL. Not sure if I will carry that forward into the next year.

  2. Great post! I can relate to the question, “Can’t I just sit and be?” and my answer is no. I need/want something to do with my hands. The feeling of being “useful” I think was so ingrained into me as a kid, it truly has never left me, even after almost a half century! Sometimes, I do wish I could just sit and be…but I can’t, so I accept that and just make stuff. The things you make are always so awesome….truly. You inspire me with the lovely things you make sweet friend. 🙂 Blessings always.

  3. This post struck a chord. I have been struggling lately to let the knitting flow but also to find closure with all of my existing WIP’s and UFO’s. I find such happiness in casting on new projects but then they become just another addition to the growing pile of unfinished knitting.

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