December Recap

Wow, this has been a productive month, the best of the year! Felting a pair of clogs helps since you hold the yarn double. OK, on to the numbers.

Yardage Knit – 2586 yards 22 skeins
Yardage Bought – 912 yards 6 skeins
I actually knit more than I bought this month, WAY more! 1674 yards and 16 skeins more. Yeah me!

Totals for the year will show up in my 2014 recap.

Purchases for December:
Spent a little more than I wanted. I was hoping to finish strong in the no buying, but $48.79 was spent on the last minute needed yarn to finish gifts. Unfortunately January will be a big month, it’s my birthday shopping spree at 2 shops. Fortunately I have $75.00 to spend at the more local one!!! Moms are good to gift me cards there.

In the Finish department I had some good numbers.


4 cowls and 1 pair of felted clogs made an appearance. 3 of the cowls were gifts.


3 hats and 2 headbands were done and gifted or sold.

And then a few more miscellaneous things were finished up after Christmas.

 Happy New year

And the last finish………another hat.


Lomond, a free pattern. I fudge the numbers to make it in worsted for my GNG.
I LOVE the HUGE pom!!!


3 thoughts on “December Recap

  1. That pompom is so awesome! I want to make a giant one like that but in multiple colors. Love the recap. You were so busy with the knitting this past month. Have fun with the yarn spree … I will have to live vicariously through you since I’m still on a self imposed yarn diet.

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