2014 Review


First knit of the year: Boyfriend Cardigan
A hangover knit from 2013, but the 1st item finished.

Waning Winter 2

Favorite knit: Waning Winter
Actual pattern is Autumn Blush. Yarn is souvenir yarn from our
20th Anniversary trip to Maine in June.


Biggest knit: Chevron Baby Blanket for our Great-Niece.
680 yards of Ella Rae Superwash

hat 303

Smallest knit: Preemie Hat
43 yards Baby Cashmerino


Longest knit: Autumn Tam, 5 months 22 days


Shortest knit: Arm Knitting Cowl, 30 minutes

Last Knit:


Lomond Hat
Actually finished Jan 1 at 1:00pm

Starting Totals:
73,472 yards, 419 skeins
Ending Totals:
71,979 yards, 399 skeins


  • Knit 17,838 yards and 102 skeins
  • Bought 17,896 yards and 116 skeins
  • Spent $770.00
  • Finished 51 items


  • Knit 14,761 yards and 80 skeins
  • Destashed 1,637 yards and 10 skeins
  • Bought 12,511 yards and 62 skeins
  • Spent $550.00
  • Finished 77 items

At least I spent less and acquired less this year. Sure wish my knitting totals had been higher. I can take solace in the fact I bought less than I knit this year. Last year? Not so much.

Goals for 2015? I try not to make them, because I never keep them. I always endeavor to knit only for me, but that falls by the wayside very soon into the new year. So, no resolutions. I will just try to be true to my knitting and stay the course with my Library Challenge, to knit from the patterns or books I have on hand and not buy new patterns or books. I will call it a success if I knit at least 1 item from my pattern stash.

So, what’s you year in review look like and how are you looking to the future?


4 thoughts on “2014 Review

  1. I don’t even want to THINK about what I spent on yarn last year and that would be with my discount. EEK

    I love the Waning Winter – what is the yarn? 🙂 And the tam! And how was the arm knitting? I’ve been curious about it.

    I’m going to have so many hang over knits this year. Sigh.

  2. There’s no way that I would track what I spent on yarn. You’re much braver than I am! That’s a nice collection of finished goodies. The Autumn Tam’s my favorite.

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