Weekly Wraps, NOT

I got nothing. Seriously. Yes, I did wear a wrap this week, but it was a repeat, so it doesn’t count. I am under half left of the wraps in my armoire. Will have to get creative with the last ones. Not sure why it is being such a challenge. Maybe because I have been wearing the favored ones and the ones left are the older ones? Hopefully I can get these in the spotlight before winter’s end.

Enough. my 2015 word, is proving to be provident for this year. I have been feeling under the weather lately. Dealing with a consistently sore throat, but not much in the way of drainage or coughing. If it continues I am headed to Dr to determine what the culprit is. It’s worse in the morning so I am trying a humidifier and have a steady supply of lozenges to combat the dryness. In feeling less than 100% the last few days I have been struggling with the sense that I should be knitting. After all, I have goals!!! And then yesterday I thought to myself, remember that word, Enough? Remember your plan to not put stress on your knitting?

And I remembered, I am not going to make the knitting a must do, but a want do. I am not going to stress with imaginary deadlines. I am going to knit when I want. And I do want, but the desire to sleep is greater right now. And the overcast days are not helping! With their cold temps that make you want to huddle down under blankets in your PJs all cozy and warm!

Now to avoid being a blah blog post today, and with lack of wrap content, here are some hats to oohh and aahh over.


The first Lomond was knit while at a wrestling tourney before New Year’s. It just happened to fit perfectly on this little one’s head. So she went home with it.


 The second Lomond was knit with bigger numbers to try and fit my GNG, which was always the intended recipient. The Pom-pom is HUGE!


The first Norwegian Star Earflap Hat went to the Diva Girl’s Beau. He says he wants it, but I told him he doesn’t have to take it. We’ll see if he wears it.

The second NSEH? It hasn’t been made, but I am sure a smaller version in DK will show up.

And two headbands I finished for commision.

image image

The one of the left is actually a steely black gray, the one on the right is all black. Just goes to show the difference with backgrounds and flash.

Now on to that nap I promised myself.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wraps, NOT

  1. I hope you are feeling better!! I hope everything is alright. Wishing you good health in this new year. But Oh My gooshiness! That baby in the hat. So cute! Great Hats! I went to Alcatraz for the Ai Wei Wei night tour and knitted headbands were all the rage on the ferry and the island!

  2. The hats are so sweet, especially that first one! Such a cutie! I like how your 2015 word can be applied in different ways. It is always good to remind ourselves that knitting should always be a want do.

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