Love Your Library #1


I am hoping to keep current with this challenge this year. I also hope this challenge keeps me on the straight and narrow path to using up more stash this year, and buying less as a result. My choice for January is French Cancan* using Madeline Tosh Sport in Mourning Dove. The pattern was purchased in March 2014, the yarn in the latter part of 2014, so they aren’t really established stash. But anything before Jan 1, 2015 is now considered stash. LOL


image image

The yarn isn’t as Robin’s Egg Blue as the photos show. More of a faded denimy blue.


I love the shape of this shawl, except for the hump at center neck**, and the details in the patterns. Can’t wait to get this done. It’s been a bit since I have finished a shawl. The last one was Quilla which I made for my niece for her wedding in May. Time to get cracking!

Join the Challenge over at Snapdragon Crafts. What do you love in Your library?

*My original intent for January was Miss Dashwood. But in looking at pattern and yarn, the Tosh wasn’t enough. And I didn’t want to buy another skein and have lots left over.

**I know it’s likely a result of the cast on and extreme increasing, but it still bugs me. Just hoping the blocking reduces the curvature.


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