FO Friday #1

I thought I had nothing to show, but then realized I never featured this hat from the last weeks of December. I made this in the hopes it would fit a teacher’s little one. I made the Candy Cane hat and gave it to one of the art teacher’s at Diva Girl’s school. A week later another teacher told me the art teacher’s son wanted to know where HIS hat was. LOL! So I cast this on after all the had-to-knitting was done.

diamond hat

Simple 3 Color Hat
And it is simple and makes such a cute hat.

I was finally able to get the hat to the teacher who told me what the little one said. I told her to tell Mrs. W-P if it doesn’t fit him to let me know. I can easily whip up another.

This one was posted on Monday, but I wanted to show it again. This one was made for the Diva Girl’s Beau.


Norwegian Star Earflap Hat
Ella Rae Superwash

I plan to use the leftovers from the skeins to reverse the colors and knit another. Because I really don’t have anything else to knit apparently. I will knit less rows beneath the motif though. Just seems too deep of a start to me.

Now head over to Wisdom and Natural to see what is on everyone’s plate this week.


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