Inspiration Saturday and Birthday Goodies 2

Birthday first.


Lunch with my PTA buds yielded these thoughtful gifts. The box and bag are for yarn projects. Perfect. The box will live by my knitting spot and hide things that accumulate. The bag will be for traveling wth my knitting. The red velvet cupcakes are from one of my favorite bakeries!! And are my favorite flavor. The gift card is to another favorite bakery and will supply my doughnut fix! What sweet friends. I told them I just wanted to have lunch to be with them, not to celebrate my birthday.


Not really a birthday present, but it arrived on my birthday, Knit Picks Andean Silk!!! I won this is Ellen’s contest.

Inspiration Saturday: I am feeling the color work bug again. All I want to look at are stranded designs.

drops 5

Drops design
would add more color.

drops 10

Drops Design
Love the short sleeves


Tahoma from
Have Nashua Yarn for this.


Classic Elite
Have Debbie Bliss yarn for this.

And nothing I have planned right now is Stranded! Which is likely why I am going to make another Norwegian Star Earflap. A knitting friend is gathering donations for a benefit so I told her to count on me for a hat. Great excuse to set down the boring St st shawl for a bit. But I am getting closer to the lace on the French Cancan Shawl. And saying prayers for France while I knit on it. The evil in this world astounds me.

What’s your inspiration today?


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday and Birthday Goodies 2

  1. I have yet to try anything with color…I’ve done two colors in a shawl, but that’s about it…I love that second one…..and happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy B-lated Birthday! 🙂 Oh I love Donut Bank, that was one of my favorite places to go when I use to live out that way. Did someone say Apple Fritter? Oh yeah, right, that was me! 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely things you make this year. Blessings always. 🙂

  3. That ‘Tahoma’ pattern is lovely. I don’t like colorwork at all, but did 2 or 4 or so small projects in it for Xmas last year – the Universe teaching me a lesson, no doubt 🙂

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