Monday Musings

Wow, already close to halfway through the month and it’s like we just had Christmas yesterday. Why does life seem to go so slowly at times, and then quickly pass before I can breath it in at others? What is it that masks the passage of time? Is it because we are in the living of it at times.

Take for example our schedule this past week. 6 sporting events in 7 days, birthday lunch dates 4 of the 7 days, on the one weeknight we DIDN’T have a game to attend I had choir practice. So thankful that this day has been free of obligation or events.

Sunday was good and bad. We finally got to go out for my birthday celebration with the Hubster, College Girl, Diva Girl, and Beau Boy. Enjoyed a feast of seafood. But once home we lost College Girl to college. Her classes start up tomorrow. Such a blessing to have her home, although I rarely saw much of her since she was out with friends more than home. Now life will return to a normal we haven’t seen since early Dec.

And then my Pack won their playoff!!!! And I don’t care what you think of the challenge/call overturn late in the game! LOL. And even better I got to sit and knit in the comfort of my own home instead of sitting in a stadium chair on a hard bench. That’s been the norm for my knitting this past week.


The all day wrestling tourney for Beau Boy, plus a girl’s basketball game where Diva Girl cheered, allowed me to finish 1 skein of Madeline Tosh Sport on my French Cancan and start and almost complete a Norwegian Star Earflap Hat. Sometimes the busy events of life provide us opportunities to enjoy our hobbies instead of just taking us away from them. At one of the games a friend told me she’s now taken up her crochet again and even contemplating bring it with her. Go girl!

So, what are your musings this day?


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. You know, I don’t have a hat in the football race, but I found the overturn controversy extremely fun to play out. Congrats to your team!

    I love watching sports and knitting, whether it’s my kid or not. I brought my huge cardigan in a reusable shopping bag to the kid’s futsal match and made a few tracks. I may have convinced a few other parentals to start knitting/stitching again. 🙂

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