Love Your Library Vol. 2*


The body of the shawl is done and I have progressed to the border. That’s what happens when you are held hostage at sporting events for 22 hours of your life in one week’s time. Great for my knitting, terrible for my back and butt! One was a 7 hour wrestling tourney! So that also meant 3 hours of knitting in the car to and from the event.

Here’s what Cancan looks like now.


But I must confess, some of that sports knitting was also on another Norwegian Star Earflap Hat. And this week more hat knitting with the start of a Selbu Modern. But they are for another day, another post. Come back tomorrow and Friday for those reveals.

*Stealing Snapdragon’s title, I find it very clever. Yes, I’m easily amused. LOL


6 thoughts on “Love Your Library Vol. 2*

  1. You’re making me want to Cancan. Ack! Do you think I could do it in worsted? I have so many other “to dos” when this cardigan goes to the finished line… but the cancan looks sooo good.

    1. I don’t see why not. For the DK you increase to a certain number. No reason you can’t work out the numbers you need and then go from there with the border. I am finding the border very easy, just have to keep track of 8 rows.

  2. Your cancan looks lovely! I’m going to have to look up that pattern.

    What an amazing amount of knitting you were able to accomplish at the sporting events. I can’t seem to do it. My mouth won’t stop talking when I’m there and I can’t follow a pattern and chat at the same time. 🙂

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