Mid-January Recap/Birthday Gifts #3

Having larger items to make means less finishing in shorter time frames. I have completed a few hats, but the shawl is still on the needles.

Starting Stash: 71,982 yards 398 skeins
Current Stash: 73,033 yards 405 skeins

Yardage Totals
Knit: 812 yards 3 skeins
Acquired*: 1844 yards 9 skeins
Difference: 1032 yards and 6 skeins added to stash
Cost: $19.36

So, not a good start, but then it’s my birthday month and after Christmas, which means yarn discounts for my birthday and gift certs as Christmas presents. And really, 1,844 yards of yarn for the outlay of only $20.00? Well, $20.00 personal cost. If you count the gift cert amounts it adds up to $105.00. I much prefer the $20.00!!

MidJan2 Norwegian Star Earflap Hats finished,
1 French Cancan WIP, 1 Selbu Modern Hat WIP

Goals for the rest of January:

  • Finish French Cancan shawl
  • Cast on shawl for Mom
  • Cast on Mittens for Autumn Geisha

And the most recent birthday gifts.

 image image image

Calendar from my MIL, from my knit buds who weren’t there last week: chocolate scented candle-mmmmmm, bakery gift card-MMMMMM, and dog toys-mmm for the dogs. As you can see the old dog is already having fun. Now, one more birthday celebration. My Mom and I are headed south to visit my cousin and to shop for my present from my parents, and I have more yarn dollars to spend at a yarn shop near my cousin!!


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