FO Friday #2


No you aren’t seeing double. You’re seeing reverse?

image image

image image

Yes, another Norwegian Star Earflap Hat has been finished. This one is winging it’s way to New Mexico for a fund raiser. I hope it is cherished by whoever purchases it. I used the same colors as in the first hat, just reversed the placement. In addition I shortened the length a few rows and added some braids. Love the look of the braids.


I am still planning to do this hat with a lighter gauge to make it more of a kid sized hat. Both times I have used the cast on # for the smaller size, and both times it’s turned out quite large. I can’t believe my gauge is off considering I double check it. Oh well, it will fit someone.

So, what’s in your wallet, on your needles. Join the party, here, here and here.


7 thoughts on “FO Friday #2

  1. They both look super. I am no good at color work, but I so love the look of it…makes me appreciate it all the more when I see it done well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your hats are darling!! I wonder if the pattern is just written a little larger? Hopefully going down a bit in the yarn/needle size will give you the results you’d like 🙂

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