Inspiration Saturday


As I posted last Saturday, Stranded Colorwork is taking over my knitting muse right now. I just finished my 3rd hat with a stranded motif and still looking for more. I saw a Double Knit design on a blog the other day and without a note on the pattern I was stymied trying to find it. It isn’t on Rav that I can see. So, what is it!! I must have that pattern. So I will haunt the blog waiting to see if the name of the pattern is revealed.

In searching for the pattern I did run across some interesting DK patterns I must investigate further.

Anna– a floral pattern

Eden– a heart pattern

Double Feature– a cool two sided pattern

And oh my! Victorian Raffia– if only I liked scarves!!

I have yet to do Double Knitting even though I have a headband pattern I have wanted to do. So maybe it’s time to add that to my repertoire? Maybe that can be another part to my Love Your Library Challenge. For February. January has gotten full somehow. I guess if I would stop making hats that weren’t on the slate I wouldn’t have such an issue. LOL

So, is there a technique out there inspiring you today? Join in the fun and tell us about it.


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