Stitch Along Wednesday #3

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Hard to believe this is already the 3rd Wednesday in January. Where is the month going? Faster and faster it seems to slip away. I guess I just need to hold on and enjoy the ride!

This week I am working on French Cancan and loving the border. Oh yes, it can get tedious knitting on a border, but with an 8 row repeat it’s just enough to keep it interesting without being too much of the same old.

image image

That border just makes the knit. I did the body in St st instead of garter, just prefer the smoothness of knit instead of the purl bumps. The other modification is one the designer suggested. Every 10th row I do a 3ktog instead of only 2ktog. I am hoping it prevents flair and rippling.

More knitting has been going on, but you will have to wait for Friday reveals as they are done. All that sports watching is paying off. But Sunday was a bust, even though I spent 5 hours in the car. I knit a bit, but not the entire way.

Bypass this if you only want to read about knitting: We traveled to Indy on Sunday to see a friend who just went through massive cancer surgery. We then brought his sons home since his wife is staying in Indy with him. So an hour at the hospital there, then we headed home and stopped to get the guys some food. Hubster had a Cajun seasoned hamburger. He fought the sunshine all the way home. Its angle and his visor just didn’t work, resulting in a headache for him. Dropped the boys at their home, got to our house, and Hubster started to feel sick. Then BINGO! the light bulb in my brain went off. Looked online and saw that Cumin is a regular spice in Cajun seasonings. Hubster can’t do Cumin.

5 hours later, after another visit to a medical center, we were home again. He was vomiting and experiencing severe head pain. He already suffers from migraines, but he said this was the worst he has ever experienced. I am just glad it wasn’t an aneurysm or tumor! The ride home was not fun as he had a reaction to the Phenergan, for nausea. He was almost delirious. Basically tried to get out of the moving car because his legs were agitated. Then he roamed the house very angry and upset. He was almost falling asleep on his feet, but he couldn’t actually fall deeply asleep. I finally got him in bed and soothed him with nonsense talk and rubbing his back and head. It was very upsetting seeing him in such a state. He was better by Monday, but was still done in. Went to work for a bit but came home early and then just went back to sleep. So thankful it was only a possible migraine. So thankful!


9 thoughts on “Stitch Along Wednesday #3

  1. Very scary…I hope he will mend quickly from this…sometimes it takes awhile to get back to feeling “right”…but on the other hand,,,wow, is the Cancan looking gorgeous!

  2. Lovely border on the shawl. I get the occasional migraine and they do feel like the end of the world. I would not like to be away from home. I just have to be in a darkened room, and try to think that this will end at some point.

  3. I hope that your husband is feeling better! What a horrible experience for both of you. Migraines can be so debilitating. I get one occasionally and it pretty much lays me flat in bed the whole day.
    The shawl is looking lovely and sounds like an easy relaxing knit.

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