More stash enhancement!

On Tuesday we headed south to visit my cousin so I could drop off some knit doll clothes and use a yarn shop credit at her local shop. Her mom, my mom’s sister, passed away last year. She was a returning knitter who followed my antics on the blog.

My Aunt had made American Girl doll clothes for her older great-grand-daughters, but with 2 newer GGD’s, she was in the middle of one set when she passed. My cousin asked if I could finish up the one and make the 2nd. No problem, it’s just a little bit of knitting.

Yarn credit: My cousin had bought a pair of clear boots at the local yarn shop that didn’t work, so she returned them for a credit. Since her mom passed, and my cousin doesn’t knit, she had no need of the credit. Again, no problem, I know I can put it to good use.


Malabrigo Sock in two different colorways
3 skeins of Berroco Cosma in Gray

So my Mom and I headed down to visit, shop, and eat. Such a great get away. And I even got some birthday presents out of it!

  image image

Birthday Shopping: Sorry for the bad lighting on this scarf. It is my favorite yellow green. The scarf is soooo soft!!! Just luscious. Hoping the warm weather clears out so I can use this a lot. The earrings are a mix of beads in all colors.

So, in one day I added another 1300 yards of yarn at a cost of $0.00!!! Between the store credit and my mom chipping in for my birthday, I paid nothing! I’m a lucky girl. For the month of January I have obtained 3200 yards of yarn in 14 skeins and I’m only out of pocket $20.00. Wish every month was my birthday month! And this concludes my birthday gifts.

Except for the saute pan Hubster bought me that still hasn’t made it to me. Seems they damaged it in transit and it got sent back. Still waiting for someone to tell me just what is going on with my order. All they say is, “it’s in transit” and “give it until Jan 31st”. Excuse me? I ordered the thing on Jan 4th!


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