Friday FOs #3


It’s just been hats and more hats around here lately. And this FO wasn’t any different. Selbu Modern came about as a special request from my niece’s husband’s mom. Her mother has hair loss from chemo and she wondered if I could  knit her a hat to keep her cozy at home. Selbu Modern came to mind since I have been wanting to knit it. So I did.

image image

In looking at other Selbu’s I decided I wanted a color changing yarn and had Jojoland Melody in the stash in a pretty blue/olive combo. The picture doesn’t show how bright the colors really are. The cream is leftover from another project and I had just a little ball. But I cast on anyway. And didn’t make it with the cream. Thankfully I had other creams of similar make so I used those bits and bobs to finish out. And that’s also the reason the top center is all blue and not blue/cream. Oh well, who will care.

I thoroughly loved making this hat!! The pattern just seem to flow so easily from the needles. It was very easy to memorize the pattern as I knit across each row. I can’t explain it. Sometimes I struggle keeping the pattern set with lace work, but color work seems to be different for me.

And still on that colorwork kick, I need to make these!!!

OK, join the rest of the parties here, here, and here.

9 thoughts on “Friday FOs #3

  1. The hat is so beautiful and what a true love gift to give to someone in need. Bless you for your kindness. 🙂 Oh the gloves you are wanting to make are so pretty. You are making me think about color work now…shame on you, I’ve got so much on my plate already…..but that’s ok, what’s one more knitting project…right? Blessings to you always sweet friend. 🙂

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