Inspiration Saturday


Yarn. Yarn is inspiring me today. And why not, I just added 3200+ yards to my stash this month!! So I better be inspired by something! And also, a prompt that Snapdragon has scheduled for the month of April for our Love Your Library Challenge got me to thinking.

The prompt:
April: Analyze Your Behavior What is your creative process? How do you go about starting a new project? Do you see a pattern you love first, then find yarn? Or vice versa? Think about the order in which you typically begin a project, and how you can do a better job of including your current library into the process. (emphasis mine)

I am not planning to analyze all the behavior today, just the yarn choices I make.

When I went down to Franklin, to use the store credit at “The Joy of Knitting”, I had no clue what I would be purchasing. Without a website to see what their stock was like, only FB which didn’t allow for photos, I had little to go on. I did know they would not have a large selection of worsted wools considering their location, not a real cold area in need of warm woolies. I was also aware she had sock yarns. Nuff said.


Once inside I just let touch guide me. Once I found the Malabrigo, I let color be my guide. There was no way I was not bringing home that orange skein!! And considering how much I like earth tones, the brown/green skein was a natural pick. But the gray, Berroco Cosma? How did I end up with such a neutral color?

The touch. THE TOUCH! 60% Baby Alpaca, 30% Wool, 10% Silk. Can you say PLUSH! Oh this stuff is soooooo soft. There were other colors in the Cosma, but the gray drew me in. And I knew that with as much black as I have in my closet, the gray would be a wise choice to wear with those items.

So, does the yarn control my behavior? Well, yes and no. The yarn is always, ALWAYS, the reason for the creativity when I am physically in a shop. I rarely start with the pattern. But when I am blog hopping it is definitely the pattern. When I see the beautiful creations you all create I can’t help but be moved to re-create the same.

So, which is it, pattern or yarn? Ultimately, it is the yarn. Even if I do see a pattern that prompts me to go down the garden path, it always comes down to “do I have the yarn?”. Finding the right yarn which makes me immediately want to cast on RIGHT. NOW.! is the kicker. Which is why I often don’t keep to my goals. LOL. I am so weak!

So, what’s your muse?

5 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. I’m with you- it’s all about the YARN. That Cosma sounds lovely! One of my favorite scarves was created because I touched a soft, squishy brown alpaca blend in my LYS. I don’t think I ever start with the pattern. I will search Ravelery for patterns that match my yarn, however. 🙂

  2. I used to buy yarn that inspired me, but I’ve pretty much turned that around. I use my Ravelry queue and try to only buy yarn that matches up with a pattern I like.

  3. I think that for me, it can work both ways. Ravelry is a danger zone when I come across a gorgeous pattern and instantly hit the “buy now” button without thinking about yarn choices or time output involved. But when I’m in a yarn store or at Maryland Sheep & Wool, it’s all about the colors and feel of the yarn. I also like to design by picking out the yarn first.

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