Monday Musings

Here it is, another week in the books. A week that wasn’t fraught with too much doing. A week that was rather calm in feel. A week that saw lots of progress. A week that ended on a sour note.

I was knitting on the lovely French Cancan and quickly approaching the finish line!!! I got home from a basketball game on Friday night and thought to try on the shawl. It was too small. TOO SMALL! How could this be? I even added rows to the depth to get it a bit deeper and wider. Argh! As I pondered the mess I was in I looked at the Knit Pro needle tips in the knitting. And saw they were the wrong color!!!! I was using a size 5 needle tip? WHY!!!!!!

As my husband heard my lament he said, “Don’t do it” over and over. But I knew, there was no hope for it, the only recourse was to rip out over 400 yards of knitting!!! Oh well, it’s easy to use over again. Not like sewing where everything is ruined when you mess up.

So close!!!

Which leads me to my bag. My friend gave the bag to me for my birthday and I now use it to carry my knitting. And try to take the quote to heart every day. Trying to enjoy the small moments of each day, and try to make the right decisions in those split-seconds when life happens. I know I fall short in that regard.


And one way to enjoy life is to just be one with the knitting. Seems the shop cat has this practice down pat!

Cozy Cat

Another way to enjoy life and make it meaningful is when one of our favorite local restaurants does a Give Back promotion. The Give Back usually benefits an individual with medical needs or a local school. Today it was for a 4 year old battling leukemia. His battle will happen over the next 3 and 1/2 years. Poor dear. Hoping the packed restaurant today was due to everyone giving back.


What’s your muse today?


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I’m super fond of a give back to a local organization. I’m also a fan of the chips and salsa. Your photo is making my gym visions a little more difficult. hehe.

    I’m so sorry about the cancan! You were sooo painfully close. I’m doing the opposite on another shawl project and have gone up quite a bit from the needles size it recommends. I can’t seem to be bothered to stop, ha!

    Be one with the knitting … indeed. I like it!

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