Love Your Library, vol. 4


I don’t even want to post today. Life has not been kind to my challenge. In fact, it has reduced my progress not no-gress. Argh!

Here’s where I was:


So close to the finish. But I noticed that the needle sticking out of the knitting was the wrong color. I was knitting the shawl on a US5 instead of a US7! Nooooooo! So out it all came. Every stitch! And I have now cast on again with the proper needle. I am so far behind, but I am trying to remember, ENOUGH. It’s OK if I am not attaining my goal of a finished shawl in January. But who knows, I still have 6 days to January and a lot of sporting events to sit and knit at.

But one thing that will delay that is a hat I just must make! A friend has a new great-nephew and he just needs this hat.

Designed by Hana

So, I have some cream and beige Lamb’s Pride Nature Spun Sport and a bit of red fingering I am hoping I can use for the accent. The fingering actually feels loftier and thicker than the LP. The pattern is written for worsted and is larger than the size I need. I am hoping the numbers are going to work with the thinner yarn and make a baby sized hat. At this point, I will be happy with anything I get.

And after that hat I need to get a baby and big sister hat made from this pattern. Using this yarn.


Must remember to get another ball of the Regia to make sure I have enough.


4 thoughts on “Love Your Library, vol. 4

  1. I feel your pain. I’m on my third attempt working on a sweater for myself. I’ve misunderstood the directions, counted wrong, and dropped stitches. I finally seem to be making good progress (knock on wood). But I comfort myself with the fact that if I’m going through all this effort, I might as well do it right. Correct?

  2. I think that is the same shade of MadTosh I was knitting with last week!
    Sorry you had to rip your shawl…it’s never fun having to do that.

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