Friday FOs #4

American Girl Doll Outfit


I took over the making of these outfits when my aunt died last Spring. She was making them for her newer great-grand-daughters to match the ones she made her elder GGD. I finished the sweater of one set and then made the complete set of the other. The skirt was quick and painless compared to the button back sweater. Ugh! Reminds me why I don’t make doll clothes.

But in looking at patterns, I just adore this ensemble!!! Or this one. I am NOT going to start making doll clothes. NOT! I’ve too many baby things I need to make. I have too many ME things I want to make. ENOUGH!

Enough. My word for the year 2015. I don’t remember it ENOUGH. There is time for doll clothes knitting. When my girls have girls and they are old enough to play with dolls. That’s when I will make doll clothes. Or maybe next year?

What’s your FO for the day? Head on out to the parites! Here, here, and here. And a new one here.


5 thoughts on “Friday FOs #4

  1. LOL, I need to remember that word too … I get so excited and raring to go on new ideas, that the poor old plans get left in the dust! They look so cute! I can imagine doll clothes could be as addicting as baby knits …

  2. My grandma made a complete set of clothes for my Kimberly doll. (Similar to American Girl back in the 1980’s). I still have the whole set of dresses, bibs, bloomers, shawls, coats, hats. All of them. I bet they were a pain for her to make but here I am still cherishing them and allowed my own daughter to play with them too.

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