Inspiration Saturday


I guess with the recent knitting it’s been small needle inspiration? 3 hats all using a size 2US needle, one all the way through the hat, the other 2 going up to a 5US, woohoo! I may be looking for a large needle knit next.

image image

I would like to ask for tons of prayer right now. Our Diva Girl is going through some medical issues that are taxing her emotions and physical well being right now. Intense pain and discomfort in multiple areas caused by separate issues. And then last night a 3rd issue came out of the blue and was the cause of much stress and fear. A quick call to after hours, and her Dr, gave us some peace, but we still need to follow up on Monday. She is dealing with issues that are not normal for someone of her age. Things I never went through. Ultimately we are hoping that these issues do not cause problems for her after she is married and ready to have kids. Thank you for any and all prayers and good thoughts. We really need them right now.


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