January Recap

It doesn’t pay to start off the month with a birthday, because the yarn diet is busted right off the bat! This year was no exception. I had $120.00 in gift certificates from Christmas and Birthday, $74.00 in store credit to use, and received yarn from a blog contest. So here’s the guilty truth.

Stash On Hand
Dec 31st, 2014: 71,982 yards 399 skeins
Jan 31st, 2015: 74,223 yards 409 skeins

Knit Up:
1343 yards 6 skeins

3062 yards 11 skeins
384 yards 4 skeins

Amount Spent:
$36.43!!! All that yarn? Yep, only $36.43 came out of MY pocket to pay for it. Wish I had that kind of purchasing power all year long!

I added a difference of 2103 more yards of yarn in one month!! Bad Chris. LOL

I am not really restricting my yarn consumption. But I am trying to be aware of how much comes in compared to how much goes out. And it sure is alarming this month, but I know from track record that I will not add like that through the year. I do know I have a baby gift due in March, so that will demand a purchase since I have no clue what I am making. And little in boy colors to use for a gift.

January Goals

  • French Cancan cast on and knit for my Love Your Library Challenge
  • Cowl for Diva Girl’s teacher
  • Hat for a little doggie I know
  • Commission hat for a friend’s grandson
  • Hat for a teacher’s son, gave her daughter the Candy Cane Hat.

January Reality

  • French Cancan cast on, knit, ripped, cast on, knit, not done.
  • Hat for the Diva Girl’s Beau
  • Hat for charity fundraiser in new Mexico
  • Hat for friend’s Mom
  • Hat for a newborn
  • Doll skrit and sweater.
  • Cast on and knit on a hat for friend’s daughter

So, sucking at following goals this month. One hat I planned I couldn’t cast on because I need to know what size. The other goals were just lost by the wayside.


Now, February Goals:

  • No new yarn!
  • Finish French Cancan-January Love Your Library item
  • Finish Hat on the needles
  • Start matching hat for the baby sister
  • Cast on Miss Dashwood-February Love Your Library item
  • Organize pattern/book library-Challenge prompt for Love Your Library

That’s enough. I know I will pick up items through the month. You never know when the muse will strike!


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