Monday Musings

My pondering this Monday morning? I need a new computer!!! The MacBook I currently used was bought in 2007 and has no more upgrades, plus they don’t make new parts for it anymore. It’s already been repaired twice and now the screen is going wonky for the 2nd time. So a new computer is in the works. Only, with College Girl at a private college, the discretionary computer funds are nil at the moment. Well, the Apple Laptop discretionary funds are limited. So I will nurse this along for the next few months hoping the funds will become available for the purchase of a new laptop.

The pondering is, which one to buy. The MacBook Air 11″ or 13″? How much memory? What features? I guess I need to talk to my repair guy and see what he says. I trust him considering how he has handled my repair issues and how he was upfront on all the dealings I’ve had with him.

I basically use my computer for surfing the web, Netflix watching (although with it’s age that is difficult), blogging, knit pattern storage, and Excel spreadsheets. I don’t  store a lot of music on it, nor do I play games. I have an iPad and an iPhone 6. So I have other methods of surfing the web. But with blogging comes typing and it’s just easier on a laptop than the iPad.

So, any suggestions from the Mac users out there? And don’t even try to suggest non Mac options. I will never go back to any other system. EVER.

In knitting pondering, I am wondering why I cannot read patterns!!! Basically it’s because I don’t take the time to read all the words. I skim it and think I know where it’s going and proceed. Only to find out I misread or completely missed important info! The current hat was ripped out due to this failure on my part. As was the current shawl since I missed the needle size completely! Oh well, it’s not a race, nor is it a hardship. I just hate that I cut the yarn on the hat and now have to weave in more ends!!

What’s your reflection today?


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I am in need of a new computer as well. Amazing how after 7 or 8 years they are dinosaurs. I know nothing of Mac so I am of no help unfortunately. And I as well, will have to wait to purchase something new because of college for the youngin’. I do the same with patterns – I seem to think that browsing is an acceptable form of reading!

  2. Have you considered a wireless keyboard for the iPad? I think it would also work on your iPhone. I have one I use for my MacBook Air because I have it on a stand on my desk an occasionally work on the keyboard from my worktable.

    1. I have considered it, but often use my laptop on my lap, so didn’t think I could get the iPad and keyboard to sit comfortably on my lap. Will have to look into that option.

  3. I let my husband pick the laptop for me. I just want to go on the internet…..I’m quite simple that way. As for charts most of the time I read them correctly but there are times I wonder what I was thinking!!

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