Friday FOs #5


Hats, hats, and more hats! That’s all I seem to get done anymore. But that’s OK, they are for sweet babes, so I’ll keep cranking them out. The latest one was just so much fun to work on and even better when done. I love bunnies!!! And even more, Bunny Butts!!!!

image image

And I love the top too!!!


I used leftover Lamb’s Pride Sport in cream and beige. The red is Claudia Handpaint fingering. They actually are very close in weight, so I went for it. I have enough leftover to make the reverse colors, but I will use a different accent color. Why? Because the red I used for the accent ran in the soak! Argh!!! Oh well, the recipient is a newborn who won’t know the difference, and his Great-Aunt said she couldn’t even tell where it ran. It was mostly at the beginning of the round, so I told her to put it on with that at the back.

If you want to make your own bunny butts, here’s the pattern.

And here we are with the links for the day! Here, herehere, and here.


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