Inspiration Saturday


What’s motivating me today? I have to admit, not much. This week has been full of Dr visits for our Diva Girl. Tuesday we were able to have a consultation with her Dr and she has scheduled surgery for the girl to determine what is causing her abdominal pain.

Then the ortho visit determined that she has flat feet which has been causing shin and ankle pain. He prescribed inserts and compression sleeves for her legs.  Poor girl, if it’s not been her abdomen it’s been her legs. She is ready for some relief.

I have been running most every day this week. Thus my online surfing has been limited and I haven’t really been looking for anything to knit since I already have plans for the near future. But there is one thing that has me enthralled. It’s the 2nd Ava Beret hat, this time in a toddler size. Big sister needs a hat to match baby sister, right? I just love the way they are knitting up now that I changed up holding the yarn double and followed the correct color sequence. Can’t wait to reveal the finished hats next Friday!!

And then I need another hat for another baby girl due in the near future. Her Mom-to-be-is our high school girls’ basketball coach. So I am thinking this one. And I really want to section it as a basketball!!! It would be so cute. But I would also make a girly one for the baby.

So, what’s got you seeking your needles this weekend? We are cheering on our Diva Girl’s Beau at his regional wrestling match today. Hoping he makes it through to Semi-State.


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