Love Your Library, vol. 6

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February’s prompt is:
putting printed patterns in folders/binders, updating your Ravelry library, organizing your electronic copies of patterns that are stored off-Ravelry. I know I’d use my library more if I had a better record of everything in it.

image image image
I have done so much destashing of books through the years I don’t really have that much to manage anymore.

But I went up to my craft room determined to get it in order. Even though my pattern library is already fairly organized, a recent craft room move has gotten items just placed in random spots. So I decided to get things a bit more neat and tidy. And ended up redoing my stash. Huh?

I have been accumulating new stuff, not restashing other things, and leaving leftovers all over the place. So it was imperative to get the yarn in control so I could work on the library.

I now have all my yarn categorized by weight in 5 different Iris Carts. Three of them look like that model and the others are six drawer carts. I have them divided into Lace/Fingering, Sport/Baby, DK, Worsted, and Worsted/Bulky. Not included in these carts are the sweater’s worth bags of yarns, mostly worsted, and sweaters in progress that lost interest. Also a few plastic shoeboxes hold other yarns that didn’t fit into the carts.

What isn’t organized is the large basket that is half full of odd balls and leftovers. I plan to go through these and separate wools from superwash wools or blends. This will mean I must refer to Flickr to figure out what the yarn was used for originally. Oy! Once this is done I will package by weight and fiber and use these for scrap projects or fun stuff.


One thought is to make a cozy scrap blanket, but I am not good at long term projects. And scrap things end up causing me terror as I can not just let them happen in a random manner. LOL, I usually try to manage the colors.

The carnage of plastic bags left from repacking the yarn

In the knitting area, I am still working on January’s library choice, French Cancan. Hoping it doesn’t take all of February too!


5 thoughts on “Love Your Library, vol. 6

  1. iknead2knit says:

    I did some work in my yarn/knitting room over the weekend. It gets disorganized so quickly, but I need it to be at least a little bit tidy to do any spinning/knitting at all in there. I get too distracted by the clutter and general disorganization and can’t settle into doing anything. Thanks for sharing!

    • chrisknits says:

      LOL, my OCD means that I must block out all other distractions from luring me into the never ending pit of organizing!! Hence the stash redo when I was only planning on organizing my library!

  2. Donna says:

    It feels so good to get those types of things organized. Scraps are always good for hats too! My bin of scraps is ridiculous. I need to think of a good way to use them too (I can make hats for the entire town I guess).

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