Stitch Along Wednesday #6

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Not much knitting this week, wasting time everywhere else! Not that knitting is wasting time, it actually produces more than most other activities. But our sporting events have been few and when home I just haven’t had the urge. But I need to knuckle down at knitting today and finish this hat.

carleigh hat
Bar knitting while waiting for friends.

Saturday was watching wrestling in the morning* and bar visiting in the evening. We met up with friends at our local fav and had good eats and fellowship. Even better is the friend who just went through massive cancer surgery, and a chemo wash in his abdomen 3 weeks ago, came out to join us. He is looking good despite weight loss and loss of stamina. He’s one of the winners in our circle of friends. In the last month we have had 2 lost to cancer, 1 triumphant over his 2nd bout, and 1 still fighting. How I hate cancer!

OK, my day has been started early, had to do a patient history for Diva before her upcoming laparoscopic surgery on Monday. Prayers would be soooo appreciated! We want them to find something, but the something we expect they will find scares us as much as not knowing. Now it’s off to knitting with the buds! Have a blessed day.

*Diva’s Beau didn’t make it through to Semi State, which is bittersweet as it is his Senior year. But the Semi State meet would have brought a dilemma, as that day his best friends’ dad will be laid to rest. Mr. L lost his battle with cancer last week. The wrestling match would have kept the Beau from being with his buds. He and Diva will be spending the day at the funeral home with their friends and Mrs. L. Please pray for the trio as they face some big decisions about the boys’ futures.


3 thoughts on “Stitch Along Wednesday #6

  1. Life sounds very full for you. I’m sorry for the losses in and around your life. I’m glad you are getting to spend some time with you friends and knitting.

    Best wishes for your daughter. I hope things are as successful as can be! Happiness and Health to you and yours!

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