Friday FOs #6


So, can you guess what we have in the line up for today’s FO Friday? If you guessed hats, you would be correct!!! This week it’s a duo of hats for some sisters. Big C will be meeting her new baby sister Little E any day now. She’s due to arrive on Valentine’s, but who knows if she might appear today.

I have had Ava’s Beret saved in my library for years, just never remembered to make it. But happily I finally jogged the brain cells and it was the perfect pattern. Only, not as written.

I purchased a skein of Regia Sock Yarn to be the highlight and got a skein of Mad Tosh Light for the lowlight. And cast on per the pattern. And hated it. I messed up the color sequence and the fabric was too floppy. It grew from a child’s size to an adult’s size. It found a home with a knitting friend.

image image image

Still a lovely hat, but not what I needed. So, I kept the needle sizes, but doubled the yarn. And cast on for the smaller hat by keeping the same cast on numbers. This time I followed the color sequence and success!!!

image image image

This was actually knit in one day, it goes so much quicker when you double the yarn! And then I cast on Big C’s hat and it wasn’t so quick. I just had less time to knit and when I did I made mistakes that had to be ripped back. With the knit 1 below technique ripping back is a pain. But eventually I got the thing done.

imageSorry, this photo was taken at night sans flash.

After I saw how little I had left of the two skeins, I decided to make pom poms for the tops. I measured and figured how much I could use for a small and a medium sized pom and they turned out just a tad thinish, but they’ll do. I love how the 1 strand of the variegated looks among the 3 strands of solid in the poms.

image image image
The color is too red in these photos, the ones of Baby E’s hat are truer to the colors of the yarn.

OK, I promise the next FO will NOT be a hat! LOL. I have more hats planned for little ones, but I am determined to finish French Cancan before all else. I actually picked it back up last night and put some more rows on it. So close to starting the bottom edging!!!

And now for the links for the day! Here, herehere, and here.

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