Stressful Day

As you read this I am likely at the hospital with our Diva waiting to hear news from her Dr as to the surgery results. Diva girl is have laparoscopic surgery to find the cause of her pain. What we suspect is not what I want for her, but answers at this point are needed. No matter what, I am sure I am a basket case and in need of some calm. I don’t do well with medical  issues. whether mine or my family’s. I hope that my knitting will keep me sane, but maybe I shouldn’t even try to knit. I need something no brainer, but right now I don’t have anything appropriate on the needles. Maybe I need to cast on a hat?

And I’m not the only one nervy. Diva Girl is struggling too. So prayers of  peace for her would be greatly appreciated.

OK, back to knitting tomorrow.


ETA: Hoping we don’t get stuck at the hospital. It will be snowing all day here.

Update: she is out of surgery and Dr says all is clear. Thank you God! It does not explain the cause of her pain, so we will just control it with medicine.


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