Love Your Library, vol. 7

February’s prompt is: putting printed patterns in folders/binders, updating your Ravelry library, organizing your electronic copies of patterns that are stored off-Ravelry. I know I’d use my library more if I had a better record of everything in it.

Once I got all my books organized, even found more in a back bedroom, I got down to the business of entering them in my Ravelry library. It didn’t take long to do, it’s the printed paper patterns in the 4 binders that will take the longest! But those are for another day. For now I am able to view all the patterns in my book library without even having to go upstairs and pull out individual books! How lazy can you be?

Now, what’s planned from the books in my LYL challenge? I need many baby gifts this coming Spring and Summer, so this sweet tank top will be used to reduce the stash and yield a baby boy gift. I have three odd balls of Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton to use. Red, Khaki, and Butter Yellow. Hoping they make a good blend, or I will just use the Khaki and Yellow. So that means 1 baby boy covered, now to figure out what to do for the other 3 boys, the 1 girl, and the 1 unknown.

Work on French Cancan has resumed now that baby items round 1 is over. I am back to the edging and hoping I didn’t add too much extra length and will have enough yarn for the border. I am inly 1/4th of the way through the border at this point. If I run out I am just buying another skein. Not going to rip back again on this knit!


And now back to searching for more baby items.

Update on Diva Girl: She is doing well. Dr did not find the endometriosis we were expecting, so no explanation for the pain she has been having other than the old standby “some women experience bad pain, yada yada”. We hate to not believe that, but there has to be a physical reason behind it. So we will continue with the medicine regimen and see what happens in a few months. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. There was more wait to get the surgery going than there was surgery time.


5 thoughts on “Love Your Library, vol. 7

  1. I try to love my library but most of it is virtual! Now I’m been focusing on my stash and trying to knit through it instead of buying buying buying. Last year I did well and hope to repeat that success. So glad all went well at the doctors.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that Diva is doing well!!!

    And, what a great idea to put all your patterns into ravelry. I should to the same but it sounds like a lot of work… but the ease of browsing the library is enticing. Your WIP is gorgeous!!

  3. I did the same book/pattern organizing a few weeks ago. The only drawback? I now have a million and one MUST knits and am obsessed to cast them ALL on immediately, if not sooner! Poor Diva Girl! I’ve been where you all are, the place where as far as docs can tell, everything is normal, but YOU know it’s not normal. The place where a normal exam isn’t good news. Praying for answers for you.

  4. I’m so glad Diva girl’s surgery went well. I hope they find some solutions for her soon and it’s all positive goodness for her health.

    I love seeing your french cancan knit up. I still have many incompleters on the needles including one baby knit. I don’t think I can see myself casting on anything else until I clear up the in progress queue, at least a little!

  5. aw bless her, how frustrating not to have an answer still.

    Love your shawl WIP, it’s such a lovely pattern. I’ve seen it crop up recently in a couple of places. I need to get wearing my shawls again

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